Final Lincoln County Jail escapee taken into custody

Brian Allen Moody. (Lincoln County Jail)

The final Lincoln County Jail escapee has been captured Thursday.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office confirms that Brian Moody has been taken in to custody. Moody was the final inmate still on the run after four people escaped the jail through the ventilation system June 12 in Chandler.

Authorities did not immediately identify where Moody was taken in to custody. FOX 25 can confirm that Moody's sister, 43-year-old Angela Rainbolt, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the hunt for her brother.

Moody was captured in the town of Fallis, in western Lincoln County.

"What put us in the Fallis area to begin with was his sister had dropped him off to steal a car," said Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty.

Early June 12, the Moody, 31-year-old Jeremy Tyson Irvin, 27-year-old Trey Glenn Goodnight and 41-year-old Sonny Baker escaped through the ventilation system of the Lincoln County Jail.

Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty said the inmates were in two different pods at the jail. They were able to access an area between the ceiling and the wall and jump over to the air vent. Moody and Baker had escaped from the jail in the same manner in March.

Dougherty tells FOX 25 they have made upgrades to the jail to ensure inmates do not escape again.

"They have fixed both back doors and even added extra security to them and have started the repairs on all of the duct work," he said.

The inmates are believed to have stolen several vehicles during their four days on the run. Irvin and Goodnight were arrested early June 14 near Dale. Baker was arrested several hours later in the Carney-area.

Irvin was jailed on a first degree murder charge while the three other men are charged with property crimes. Irvin is accused of shooting and killing Robert Godwin Jr. July 2016 near Stroud. He was arrested in September following a nine-hour standoff.

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