Opposing sides discuss how Tulsa could react to Shelby verdict

The jury in the Shelby trial will begin deliberations on Wednesday (KTUL).

It's a case that riveted the city for months, and yet for many, it's tough to believe it's almost over.

"Surprisingly, it's already in the hands of the jury," said Pastor Anthony Scott of First Baptist Church.

And one of the key things they'll be considering is Officer Shelby's own testimony on the stand, which could make or break the case.

"I think Officer Shelby did an excellent job of telling her story in her words," said Jared Lindsey of the Tulsa police union.

But Marq Lewis of We the People disagrees. He doesn't think Shelby came across well.

"I think the jury saw her temperament," Lewis said. "I think the jury saw her arrogance, and then there was a point in the trial where I think the prosecutor asked, who's responsible for Terence Crutcher's death? Her response was Terence Crutcher caused his own death."

Lindsey said he thinks it was important for Shelby to say what happened in her own words.

"Whatever the verdict is, I believe Tulsa may not like it," Lindsey said. "We may want to make some changes going forward and adapt; however, I believe they will accept it and we will work together as a family."

Scott said he thinks a guilty verdict would bring a sense of closure.

"If there is a not guilty verdict, I do expect that within the community there'll be some protest. They'll be quite passionate," Scott said.

Lewis said the trial has left the city "broken."

"We've seen the relationships just be severed during this process," Lewis said.

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