“I was hanging onto the wall” says Pawnee earthquake victim

Rocks on all of the outside walls of the Bryant home had fallen off. (KTUL)

Pawnee, Okla. (KTUL)- Rocks on all of the outside walls of the Bryant home had fallen off.

Inside their home, the stove had detached from the wall and insulation had scattered everywhere.

At one point, all of the cabinets in the kitchen had flung open, raining down china, plates, and glasses.

In spite of the daunting earthquake damage, Janice Bryant knew one thing.

This earthquake won’t stop a good party.

“This big celebration party coming up next Sunday- and we’re going to party,” said Janice.

Janice and her husband Johnny were awake around 7 a.m. Saturday when the earthquake hit.

“It threw me on the floor- I fell on the floor and couldn’t get up for a few minutes until the house quit shaking,” said Janice.

Johnny said he was taking care of a dead scorpion when the house starting shaking. “I was hanging onto the wall in the bathroom and it didn’t seem like it was going to end. It just kept going,” said Johnny. He doesn't know where the scorpion went.

Throughout the afternoon, the Bryant’s and their family and friends surveyed the damage and cleaned up what they could.

“Seems like every other day there’s a little rumble- but never anticipated anything like this,” said Johnny.

The chimney had collapsed.

Some of the windows in Janice’s car were knocked out.

They had lost some expensive veterinary medicine in their barn.

After the kitchen had been cleared of glass, Janice had started to cook chicken and noodles for all of her family.

“Would you like some? She makes excellent chicken and noodles,” Johnny had offered.

The two focused on cleaning up and looking forward to their big party next Saturday.

That “big party” is their 50th wedding anniversary.

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