Inhofe, Lankford applaud Trump's Afghanistan strategy

Senators Jim Inhofe and James Lankford speak after being briefed on the Northwest Oklahoma Complex fires. (KOKH/Anthony West)

Both of Oklahoma's senators are supporting President Donald Trump's Monday night comments to continue military efforts in Afghanistan.

In a statement shortly after the president's speech, Senator Jim Inhofe said Trump encouraged a "new beginning in the U.S. military's approach to supporting our Afghan partners."

In a prime-time speech, President Trump vowed to keep American troops fighting in Afghanistan despite his earlier inclination to withdraw. But he insisted the U.S. would not offer "a blank check" after 16 years of war, and he pointedly declined to say whether or when more troops might be sent.

Sen. Inhofe continued to praise the president for putting pressure on Afghanistan's neighbors to be tougher on terror groups hiding within their borders.

"The president has also been clear that we must put pressure on our regional partners, specifically Pakistan and India, to work with us to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a hotbend of international terrorist activity," said Inhofe in a statement.

Senator Lankford's statement came Tuesday morning, and his comments were much more brief than his senior counterpart.

Lankford tweeted, "Glad the administration is working on an #AfghanStrategy that will lead to an #Afghanistan that can defend itself & root out extremism."

The president has received some criticism for lacking specifics on how his approach would differ substantively from what the U.S. has already tried unsuccessfully under the past two presidents.

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