Is it too early to get the flu shot?

Is it too early to get the flu shot?

They arrived Monday at Caring Nurses Association.

"Fresh from the factory," said Merlyn Sweet.

A big box of hundreds of doses of flu vaccine.

"When it's hot outside you don't think about the flu," she said.

"It seems like every year it gets earlier and earlier, it's kind of like the retail stores and their Christmas decorations," said Dr. Steven Nussbaum.

Likewise at the Urgent Care at 97th & Riverside…

"We've received our flu vaccine for the year," he said.

And good thing, cause folks are starting to get the shot.

"Yes, I gave 2 actually," said Sweet.

But is getting the shot now too soon?

"So the concern is if you get it now is that peak gonna happen before the peak of flu season and then what happens? But statistically, there's probably effective immunity for maybe even as long as 8 months," said Dr. Nussbaum.

And if you're asking yourself why somebody would even bother to get the shot right now, consider this...

"I do know a Tulsa pediatrician had a case of verified flu in their office this week, it was the A strain," said Sweet.

"Our company has some clinics in Texas and they're having some positive flu cases already which is really unusual for August," said Dr. Nussbaum.

Bracing for the flu, on whatever timetable you prefer.

"I will probably wait a few weeks to get mine but that doesn't mean that one answer is more right or wrong than the other," said Dr. Nussbaum.

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