Jenks student with autism gets asked to homecoming dance

Student with autism gets asked to homecoming dance (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL)-- Taking pictures before a school dance with your friends and your date is always a blast.

For senior, Joshua Miller, this is his first time to get to do that and he is going with a very special girl.

"She looks very beautiful," Miller said.

Those were the first words Miller said to his date, Sarah Cameron.

Miller is autistic, and will likely live with his parents forever, but tonight, he is changing this up.

"It is exciting," Miller's mom Jennifer said. "It is so much fun and it is fun for him to be excited about something. There are very few things that he can be involved in at this level."

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Miller got a call from Cameron asking if Miller would be interested in going to the dance with her.

"He was so excited," Mrs. Miller said. "He wanted to go, he started talking about what kind of dances he needed to learn."

"I enjoy homecoming," Miller said.

Miller went over to Cameron's house with flowers and officially asked her.

"He is incredible," Cameron said.

Cameron says she has known Miller for a long time and knew he would be a fun date and make her final homecoming dance memorable.

"I am just super thankful to be a part of this experience and I hope it is as fun for him as it is for me," she said.

The night kicked off with group pictures but Miller couldn't wait to get on the dance floor.

Cameron says she will remember this night forever.

"I just think it is so cool that he has never done before and so I love to answer his questions and experience with him as he gets to do it," Cameron said.

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