Jury takes on Elliott Williams case

After three and a half weeks, a jury now has the civil rights case. (Mummolo/KTUL)

The video of Elliott Williams is 51 hours long. The trial surrounding the controversy over his death was three and a half weeks long.

"It was a hard case," said social activist Marq Lewis. He sat through the entire trial. Friday he heard attorney Smolen for the Williams family make his closing argument…

"He was really passionate, showed a lot of videos, gave a lot of evidence," he said.

As well as attorney Clark Brewster, who summed up the case for the defense.

"He did his best to try to convince the jury that the county was not liable," he said.

The jury deliberated for just over two hours before deciding to come back Monday.

What's Lewis's prediction on the outcome?

"It's hard cause I'm biased. My gut tells me that they have to send a message, this is not just for Elliott Williams, this is a representation of all those who died in the county jail that were preventable," he said.

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