KTUL I-team helps cancer patient receive airline refund

The Christmas tree is still up in Steve Locke’s apartment and not necessarily because he doesn’t want to take it down.

It’s a reminder that he was able to live through the holidays.

“I can’t tell you the suffering I’m going through, that I’ve been through. I’m on the other end now,” said Locke.

He's been waging a year-long battle against stage three lymphoma. Last October, he bought a plane ticket from Allegiant, hoping to see his family in Los Angles for Thanksgiving weekend.

“When they told me stage three, I thought this is it. I want to see my family as soon as I'm healthy enough because every day counts- even more with me,” said Locke.

Locke never made his flight, he ended up needing emergency surgery. He said even though he provided Allegiant with all of the paperwork, including a doctor’s note, he was denied a refund on the ticket.

It is a huge hit to a man who’s only job was beating cancer.

“One hundred ninety dollars, to most, that’s nothing. To me, it’s a third of my income,” said Locke.

Locke emailed and called Allegiant multiple times with no luck.

Channel 8’s I-team stepped in and made a phone call. After spending a half an hour on hold, we got through to customer service. They gave us a media number, which we called. After leaving a voicemail and sending them an email, Allegiant responded.

According to their representative, they couldn’t find Locke’s original doctor's note and submission. They said, typically, they review situations on a case-by-case basis. We had a copy of Locke’s doctors note and an email that he had sent, so we forwarded it to them.

The Allegiant representative said it looked like Locke had emailed the wrong address, a “send only” email. However, Locke did provide his address and phone number.

Within a few hours, they told us they would be refunding Locke his money.

“I’m thankful to God, thankful to Channel 8, and you, Maureen, for coming to my aid,” said Locke.

Locke’s cancer is in remission and he said he’s hoping to make it home soon, because there’s nothing more important than family.

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