Mean note left on disabled woman's car parked in handicap spot in Bixby

A woman is speaking out after finding a mean-spirited letter on her windshield. (KTUL)

BIXBY, Okla. (KTUL) -- A woman is speaking out after finding a mean-spirited letter on her windshield.

This after her husband parked their car in a handicapped spot.

She says it was a misunderstanding but still hurtful.

Ashley Morgan says she’s disabled but her husband isn’t. She believes the person who left the note saw him in the car and was quick to judge.

The note reads, "Are you retarded? Think before you park."

Words Morgan never thought she’d hear.

She believes the letter was targeted at her husband. But it has caused pain for her entire family.

“It just made both of us really mad, that somebody not knowing my story or his," said Morgan.

Her husband works at Reasor's off Memorial in Bixby. He took their only car to lunch yesterday, parking it in the handicap spot for Morgan.

When he left work last night he found the note.

“The words you speak to people matter," said Morgan.

The mother of two is busy this summer taking her kids to band practice. What’s worse she’s dealing with a number of health problems, which makes having a spot close to the front of a parking lot a huge help.

“You don’t know what people are going through on an every day basis," said Morgan.

She says she tries her best not to judge people, and after posting the picture on social media many have come to her defense.

“Even if it was just a simple note, that impacts peoples lives," said Morgan.

Which is why she’s sharing her story.

Her goal: To change people’s perception and change their words.

“If you speak something you’re going to have to eat those words eventually, so you need to watch what you say," said Morgan.

So far the person who left the note has not come forward.

Ashley says though she already forgives them.

She says she wishes them health and happiness.

Reasor's released a statement to us today.

It reads in part:

Reasor's understands and respects the requirements of those with special needs.
Our goal is to make sure that Reasor's stores are accessible to any individual with disabilities or special needs.
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