More people in Pawnee considering earthquake insurance

More people in Pawnee considering earthquake insurance (KTUL)

Saturday's earthquake still has people around Pawnee shaken up.

Like 5-year-old Jack Kelley.

"I looked up, and I heard it," said Kelley. "I was a bit scared."

But even grownups like Ezra and Ralpha Fields were scared.

After 30 years in the same Pawnee home, they thought they'd seen it all.

But earthquakes...

"This is new in our lives," said Jack.

And what an earthquake.

"A big, roaring, cracking sort of sound," said Ezra.

Ralpha said she woke up to the sounds of crashing glass.

"Things just started falling and breaking," said Ralpha.

Their home mostly undamaged, but their sense of security, not so much.

"This one was really scary," said Jack.

They know next time they may not be so lucky.

"We don't have earthquake insurance," said Ralpha.

Jack said they see things changing.

"This is home, and we remember it how it used to be," said Jack.

But the Fields, like many in Pawnee, know things may never go back to how it used to be.

The caution tape around town is more than a sign of damage done, but also of what may come.

A world where people like the Fields will be ready for the worst.

"We might. We'll check into and see how much it's going to cost. Because we are retired and live on a budget," said Ralpha.

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