Mounds police chief slammed by ACLU over bible posts

Chief Antonio Porter is taking flak from the ACLU over his daily bible verse posts on the department's Facebook page. (Howard/KTUL) 

Ephesians 4:29 "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." This bible verse was communicated recently not by a church, but by the Mounds Police Department.

"I do it every day," said Mounds Police Chief Antonio Porter. He has been posting bible verses on the department's Facebook page for almost a year. Why?

"My heart was kind of geared towards doing something positive for the community," he said.

And the community has responded, with plenty of Facebook likes, but then, a big dislike came from the ACLU, asking that he stop.

"By promoting one specific religion on its official Facebook page, the Mounds Police Department has established a clear preference for that faith above other faiths and above no religious faith at all," said the ACLU in an email.

"It's nothing about trying to put any other faith down, but it's just more one of just trying to be encouraging to others; prayer to me is universal," he said.

The ACLU also says that the posts." into question whether or not the department can be trusted to adequately protect all those living under its jurisdiction, including members of minority faiths and those of no religious faith at all."

"This is not about a fight, this is about love. If they want to fight, they can fight. Fight by themselves. But I'm going to continue to spread love and encouragement," he said.

A small town chief against the state chapter of a national organization. Something about this showdown sounds biblical.

"David and Goliath, OK, my analogy is this, I'm not going to throw a rock, I'm going to keep throwing the word, and let the word fight for itself," said Chief Porter.

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