National tax cut campaign rolls into Tulsa

A national campaign rolled through Tulsa Tuesday to try and help small business owners. (KTUL)

A national campaign rolled through Tulsa Tuesday to try and help small business owners. The Job Creators Network launched the multi-million dollar nationwide tour Tax Cut Now Tuesday morning in Oklahoma City before heading into Tulsa.

Dozens of folks came out to learn more about the advocacy group's goal -- to give small businesses a break. They want to raise wages for small businesses, hire more folks and ultimately grow the economy -- all by cutting taxes.

“They pay, in many cases, more than most of our major cooperation's in this country," said President and CEO of the Job Creators Network Alfredo Ortiz. "They don’t have the same tax breaks that a lot of our larger companies do. “

The message caught the attention of local business owner Ronda Vuillemont-Smith who says it’s about time.

“We pay taxes on everything. We pay taxes on what we purchase, we pay taxes for our employees," said Vuillemont- Smith. "To remove some of that burden would allow us to be able to expand our business and grow our business.”

President Donald Trump is also on the same wave length. His tax reform plan is giving hope to small business owners who could see some tax relief.

“They need relief. I see them going out of business every single day," said Judy Doyle with the National Federation of Independent Business. "We’re pushing for a victory on Capitol Hill and we know President Trump campaigned on this.”

Ultimately, a tax cut for these business owners would give them more money for business expansion – so Tulsans can enjoy their stores much longer.

“Small business owners are the back bone to our economy. Two-thirds of job growth is in their hands," said Ortiz. "We have to give them tax relief, we have to give them tax cuts and when do we need those tax cuts? We need them now.”

JCN officials hope a tax cut bill will be passed by Thanksgiving. The campaign’s next stops are in Kentucky and Virginia, before ending in Washington D.C.

The Job Creators Network is a sponsor of Bottom Line with Boris.

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