New flag for Tulsa could be just around the corner

This is one of the flag designs submitted to the contest to create a new flag for the city of Tulsa. This flag is not one of the three finalists. Those flags will be revealed on April 26th. (Gitwit)

It's mounted on the wall behind the City Council: The seal of the city of Tulsa.

The image works fine for a seal, but it also doubles as the city flag. In that regard, it falls short for a couple of reasons.

"Not only is it a bad flag, meaning you can't see what it is when it's waving in the air, it's also because it's a city seal," said Jacob Johnson of Gitwit. "It was protected by an ordinance, meaning you couldn't replicate it."

In fact, T-town's flag has even taken flak on a TED talk about badly designed city flags. That video has been viewed 2.8 million times.

"There is a scourge of bad flags, and they must be stopped," said Roman Mars.

The talk served as motivation to come up with a new flag design. So the call went out, and the submissions came in.

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"It was unbelievable the volume of stuff we got," Johnson said. "There's no guarantees that they're going to adopt this flag, but we really tried to create a process that was inclusive of the community as well as legitimate."

An independent committee has whittled a possible design down to three entries (none of which are the ones included in this story). Those final three will be revealed next week.

"They're all fundamentally great flags, meaning they're very unique," Johnson said. "They're simple, they're memorable, they all fit the criteria of a durable design that'll be great in 2017 but also be great in 2057."

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