Nowata coach resigns amid police investigation

Nowata coach resigns amid police investigation (KTUL)

Spend some time in Nowata, and it won't take long to run into someone who knows Trenton Weirather.

He's had quite the reputation. Friends say the 24-year-old, with the mental capacity of a second grader, is a friend to everyone.

A die-hard high school football fan who never misses a game.

People around here even call him the unofficial mascot.

It's why everyone we spoke with was shocked to find out he may have been assaulted by someone from that team he loves so well.

Police wouldn't give many details, because the case is under investigation.

But they did say the former football coach, Jeremy Gray, is accused of physically assaulting Trenton after a recent home game.

Laverne Kerr works at the local grocery story, and said Trenton comes to the store a lot. And everyone there loves him.

"He calls me Reverne," said Kerr. "That's my favorite thing. That's his name for me."

Kerr wasn't sure how to handle the news about the alleged assault.

"At first, I was shocked, And then I got angry when I found out who it was, because Trenton wouldn't hurt anybody," said Kerr.

Gray has since resigned his position as coach.

We reached out to him to get his side of the story, but haven't heard back.

Regardless, Assistant Police Chief Sabrina Lee warns people against jumping to conclusions..

"When the report is ready to be made public, it will be made public, and the city will be made aware of the actual chain of events that happened," said Lee.

School officials said Gray has resigned his position as coach, but is still teaching at the school.

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