Officer Betty Shelby's attorney believes they'll win manslaughter case in Tulsa court

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby will appear in court Tuesday morning. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby will appear in court Tuesday morning.

She is charged with the shooting death of Terrance Crutcher in September.

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Shelby's Attorney, Shannon McMurray, says Shelby should not have been charged and there was a rush to judgment in the case because of fear of unrest in the community.

McMurray said, “They filed the charges Sept. 22 knowing full well the lead investigator's report would be finished that Friday, the 23rd, and he was going to clear the shooting as Officer Shelby being within her constitutional rights."

Despite that, McMurray said she doesn't think her client is facing an unfair situation because the facts in the case are on their side.

While they are reserving the right to ask for a change of venue, she says she feels good about their chances with a Tulsa jury.

The gunshots that echoed across the north side Sept. 16 brought national attention to the case and this area, but Shelby has also received support from all over the country.

McMurray says Shelby should win in court because she felt her life was in danger from a man who was high on drugs and refusing to comply.

She says Shelby didn't panic or make a mistake.

"She feared for her life but she acted in a controlled and calculated manner, she took aim and fired," said McMurray.

McMurray added the Crutcher was in 100-percent control of his actions and choices. She believes he could have easily followed lawful orders and eliminated the need for any use of force.

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