Oklahoma women charged with Medicaid fraud

Lexie Batchelor, 59, and Heather Doss, 43, have been charged with Medicaid fraud in Oklahoma. (Oklahoma County Jail)

A mother and daughter have been charged after being accused of running several Medicaid fraud schemes from a behavioral health counseling company.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter reports that Lexie Batchelor, 59, has been charged with three counts of Medicaid fraud and one count of identity theft and Heather Doss, 43, has been charged with one count of Medicaid fraud and one count of identity theft.

Court records allege that between 2010 and 2016 the two submitted false claims to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. The two reportedly submitted claims for services that occurred at state clinics when airline records show they were both out of state.

The two also are accused of using 197 client identities to submit false claims. Batchelor also allegedly used an alter ego to double bill for services.

“Healthcare fraud costs state taxpayers millions of dollars per year and is an affront to the patients who entrust healthcare providers with their care,” Hunter said.

Batchelor and her company LXE Counseling were ordered to pay more than $4.6 million following a 2016 Medicaid fraud suit.

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