Plans set to revitalize downtown Sapulpa; too late for some businesses

A lack of customers is forcing local businesses in Sapulpa to close, but a plan is in place for future development (KTUL).

SAPULPA, Okla., (KTUL) -- A lack of customers is forcing local businesses in Sapulpa to close, but a plan is in place for future development.

Right now the city is trying to revitalize downtown.

With businesses leaving left and right, that's making it difficult.

“We just looked at each other and we said, 'We just can’t do it anymore,'" said Living Green Thrift Store owner Price Jones.

Six years coming to an end.

Living Green thrift store had to shut its doors today.

“We’ve been able to skate by the last several years, but this year has just gone so badly," said Jones.

A lack of customers has forced Jones and his wife to call it quits.

Today everything was on sale on their last day in business.

A bitter sweet moment for a local store just trying to make it.

“We cannot keep it open any longer," said Jones.

Living Green is one of many businesses to close recently.

Shops downtown have been posting clearance signs on windows.

A once busy café, no longer open.

“The thought is to go straight to Tulsa if you need something, rather than stay here locally and support people that are also putting back into your community," said Caleigh Trotter.

Trotter owns a hair salon in town.

She says running your own store can mean disaster in Sapulpa when people are spending dollars elsewhere.

“It should not stop people from coming to Sapulpa and trying to make this town even better and flourish," said Trotter.

Despite the recent closure, Chamber of Commerce officials say all is not lost.

A plan to revitalize the downtown area is in the works.

But those officials say better advertising and store locations could help.

Advice Jones now must take with him.

“We’ve been just too hard headed to give up," he said.

Chamber officials say one of the more successful businesses in Sapulpa is Freddie's Steakhouse.

The Chamber official says most of Freddie's customers come from outside Sapulpa.

The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have a complete list of how many stores have recently closed, since some stores aren't Chamber members.

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