Police detail moments that led up to shooting that injured 7 Chickasha officers

Chickasha Police Department Sgt. Matt Schoolfield and Officer Daniel Ramirez were both hospitalized following a shooting and standoff Sept. 17. (KOKH)

Authorities revealed what led to a shoot-out between Chickasha officers and a man that led to seven officers being injured.

Chickasha Police Department Chief Goebel Music stated that on Sept. 17 officers were investigating an attempted kidnapping and aggravated assault that left the female victim with two broken wrists.

Officers later went to the home of the suspect, 61-year-old Alex Warren Klingler.

At the home two people were arrested in the detached garage. Officers then then knocked on the front door of the home and breached the door.

"After knocking and announcing on the main residence, the front door was breached and Mr. Klingler, 61 years of age, opened fire on our officers," said Chief Music.

Sgt. Matt Schoolfield was immediately hit by gunfire. Officers then returned fire and during the shootout Officer Daniel Ramirez was struck. In total, seven Chickasha Police Department officers were injured in the gun battle.

The Chickasha Police Department held the scene for approximately one hour before an OHP team arrived and took Klingler into custody. Several weapons were recovered from Klingler's home.

"No member of the Chickasha Police Department, or any other agency, left their post. They stood their ground against their assailant," Music said as he fought back tears.

Schoolfield and Ramirez were taken to the hospital where both are expected to recover.

Klingler is being held in the Grady County Jail on complaints of kidnapping, aggravated assault and battery and several counts of shooting with intent to kill.

An account has been set up at the First National Bank in Chickasha to help with the officers' medical expenses.

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