Friend: Woman killed by police 'had the opportunity to absolutely change her life'

The investigation continues into the crime spree of 21-year-old Madison Dickson (KTUL).

The investigation continues into the crime spree of 21-year-old Madison Dickson.

Tulsa police killed Dickson after searching for her in connection with several crimes in Tulsa. She was facing six charges as of March 16, including shooting with intent to kill, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, unauthorized use of a vehicle, attempted petit larceny and discharging a firearm in a public place. An officer ran over Dickson with a patrol vehicle and killed her during a violent confrontation Saturday afternoon.

Police now say some of Dickson's accomplices are linked to the Irish Mob Gang. Her criminal record was relatively minor until last week.

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Dickson's friends painted a different picture of Dickson than the one described by police.

"When I first heard what happened, my thought was no, not Madison, there is no way," friend Lilli Fair said.

Another friend, Emily Essick, said it was "just not the Madison that I knew."

Dickson is accused of shooting a woman at a south Tulsa Walgreens, shooting a man in the head, running from and shooting at police and other crimes. But her friends from Teen Challenge, a help program for addicts, saw someone else.

"She was just so sweet," Essick said. "She always wanted to help everybody. She would just make everybody smile. Everybody loved her."

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Dickson was in the program for 13 months before she left in December. Fair said she was a good person. She just went back to her old ways.

"When you use, you turn into somebody that you aren't and you are willing to do anything and everything," Fair said.

Her friends say they don't condone the horrific things Dickson is accused of doing, but they say she wasn't a bad person.

"It is so unfortunate that Madison left the program and went back to that lifestyle when she had the opportunity to absolutely change her life," Essick said.

The man police believe Dickson shot in the head is still in a coma. A family friend says Dickson's number was in his cell phone.

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