Police: Man arrested for carrying loaded gun, possibly casing midtown QuikTrip

Police say Matthew Parker was arrested for carrying a loaded firearm. (Tulsa County Jail)

Police have arrested a man they say might have been casing a midtown QuikTrip early Friday morning.

Officers were searching for a suspect connected to an armed robbery at a nearby Whataburger when an officer noticed a man acting suspiciously at the QuikTrip near 31st and Sheridan. The suspect walked in the store, paced back and forth and went into the restroom before walking out of the store, according to police.

An officer searched the man, Matthew Parker, and found a loaded gun. Police later determined that Parker was not the suspect in the Whataburger robbery but believed he was casing the QuikTrip, according to police.

Police say the gun Parker was carrying could have been stolen. He was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm, according to police.

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