Historic earthquake forces Pawnee family from lifelong home

The Bryants moved into their home about 50 years ago. Now, they have to let it go. (KTUL)

PAWNEE, Okla. (KTUL) -- The quake lasted for about a minute.

It was enough time to destroy the Bryants' home in Pawnee, along with the comfort it brought them for most of their lives.

Johnny and Janice Bryant began their journey together 50 years ago. Around that time, they moved into their home in Pawnee, destroyed by the strongest earthquake in Oklahoma history.

Built from the ground up, Johnny Bryant said a lot happened in that house over 50 years.

"We got a lot of memories here," he said.

The damage from the earthquake is too extensive to fix. Walls were buckled. The roof and chimney were damaged.

Walls buckled, roof and chimney damaged, The rocks surrounding the home -- which Johnny Bryant hand picked from his father's farm more than four decades ago -- were mostly gone.

"I picked up every one of those rocks. Now, I've got to take them all off," he said.

The quake destroyed china and precious glassware inside the home too.

The Bryants said the people of Pawnee are like family, and they're helping the family to get through this difficult time.

"About the time you get sad, someone calls or comes by, and it brightens your day," Janice Bryant said. "And you forget about material things, and you think about all the love that people have given you."

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