QuikTrip is expanding in the Tulsa area

The QT{ }corporation is spending about $40 million to build a distribution center near 43rd Street North and Garnett. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - QuikTrip has made a major investment in the future of this area. The corporation is spending about $40 million to build a distribution center near 43rd Street North and Garnett.

It will cover 250,000 square feet and serve as a distribution center for the Tulsa and Wichita areas. It will also be the new home of QuikTrip's sign-making facility.

A once quiet piece of pasture land is now roaring with a swarm of construction equipment as the project moves forward. The new building will eventually double their local support staff to about 130 employees. While the building will be larger than they currently need, they want to have the space for ten to fifteen years of growth.

QuikTrip's Mike Thornbrugh said every time they think they're finished building here they find more opportunities.

Thornbrugh said, "We are building new stores in new locations, but we are really focusing on some of the older stores that we call, scrape rebuilds, or relocating them."

The concept of being in and out of the store in seconds is catching on. QuikTrip is now in 11 states with 22,000 employees.

In Kansas City and Dallas, it’s not uncommon to see people waiting in line to buy their gasoline.

The company is now in the top 10 to 15 convenience store chains in the country. So QuikTrip's growing national profile is also attracting attention to Tulsa. Other companies now call them to ask about doing business here.

Thornbrugh said, "We love it Tulsa's. It's easy to get around, it's a cheap living compared to other places. Just a lot of good things. So, we hope that as we are successful and continue to grow that other companies will join us in Tulsa."

While Tulsa has lost some companies to changes in the energy and aerospace businesses, he said QuikTrip is here to stay. The $40 million investment is a clear commitment to the city where they started.