Rep. Markwayne Mullin flips stance, announces run for 4th term in Congress

(File/Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Rep. Markwayne Mullin has announced that he will seek re-election for his seat in Oklahoma's second congressional district, flipping on a campaign promise he made to only serve six years in Congress.

Mullin announced the decision in a video posted to his Facebook page Tuesday. He said he and his family originally decided to stick to their decision to only serve three terms, but they just didn't feel it was the right decision.

“People are [going to] be upset, and we get that. We understand it," Mullin said in the 11-minute video. "I’m not hiding from that because we did say we’re going to serve six years, and it was out of true concerns."

The businessman said he originally made the promise because his family had concerns about the effects working in Congress would have on them and on their business. Now, he says he says he has a better understanding of politics in Washington and believes he can continue to make a difference under President Donald Trump's administration.

"I don't think there's one person that's never changed their mind six years apart from each other or how they would approach things," Mullin said.

Mullin currently serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and multiple subcommittees. He will be up for re-election in November 2018.

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