Restaurant To Serve Hope


It's said that the restaurant business is the toughest there is.

"Our goal is to have everything be fresh, with the majority of everything being made right here," said Deidra Kirtley of Resonance Center for Women.

But when Take 2 open this winter, the staff will have already been through one of the toughest parts of their lives.

"We've been working with incarcerated women for a long time," she said.

As the name implies, Take 2 is geared at giving folks a second chance, and will help smooth the often bumpy road back to life on the outside.

"I mentor women coming out of prison now, so I see the hurdles in place for them," said Oklahoma state representative Jeannie McDaniel, who has no doubts when it comes to the new staff's work ethic.

"This is a great untapped workforce. They are willing to work. They show up, they're willing to learn," she said.

All of which is very feel good. But as to whether the food will be good?

"Are you going to be serving your food here?"

That's where long time restaurateur Tom Butcher of Impressions fame comes in.

"And that girl we're training is gonna go what would you like today? And you're gonna say prime rib sandwich on french bread. And she's gonna be able to slice it like we did, and I'm going to be standing there going great, this is fantastic," he said.

The great food/ great cause concept is no stranger to Tom, who fondly remembers the joy of once hiring a homeless man.

"And it made my heart sing so much because I was able to give this guy, I mean I've still got goosebumps right now," he smiled.

Take 2, opening soon. Serving lunch, hope, and smiles.

It will be located at 3rd and Main in downtown Tulsa.

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