Returns and exchanges after Christmas

Holiday shoppers are now engaged in the hustle and bustle of returns and exchanges. (Wilson/KTUL)

December 26th, the one day when a lot of people might ask, "Can I return it? Can I exchange it?"

It's estimated that roughly 15 percent of holiday gifts get the round trip treatment. At Target Tuesday evening, little 10-month-old Liza, celebrating her first Christmas, accompanied Mom to do a return.

"We just returned a shirt that was for her, but we already had it," said Maggie Dubois.

Over the years, the process of returning items has become much easier by and large, but still something whose rules and requirements can vary from place to place.

"I believe you need a receipt, just in case," said Bella, a shopper.

Receipts can always streamline things, of course, but little Liza'a Mom didn't need one for her return.

"It was real easy. I had to show my I.D. since we didn't have a receipt, but that was it," said Dubois.

Making returns go smoothly at brick and mortar stores, say industry experts. It's an opportunity to keep customers happy in a world shifting more and more to online sales. One of the benefits of making a return in person is that you have more options.

"$43.40, now, we can put that back on your debit card, cash or a gift card," said the clerk.

So, here's to many happy returns and the pursuit of getting other things.

"Went pretty good. I mean, we returned it, now we're going to go see if they have something else over there," said Bella.

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