Roller Derby bout puts education first by raising money for classroom supplies

A lack of teacher funding across the state has forced a roller derby team to take action (KTUL).

BROKEN ARROW, Okla., (KTUL) -- A lack of teacher funding across the state has forced a roller derby team to take action.

A number of funds the team raised Saturday night will go to help stock local classrooms.

Many women gave it all they had out on the skating rink.

Two roller derby teams fought it out in a tough match.

“It’s all kind of worth it at the end, I think," said Roughneck Roller Derby President Ashleigh Gabriel.

The team played a group from Ada.

It’s their last bout of the season, one where the outcome can’t be bad either way.

“A lot of our skaters are actually teachers or para-professionals," said Gabriel.

Which makes the game even more special.

A portion of the proceeds from the match are going to the program Supplied for Success, which donates school supplies to local facilities.

Those supplies will end up in classrooms at 54 area elementary schools in Tulsa and Union Public Schools.

“There’s lots of people that could benefit from this," said Gabriel.

And Nikki Cox knows.

She says she has friends and family that work in education.

“I’m pretty excited I get to help all of these less fortunate kids that need supplies for school. It’s a big deal," said Cox.

The supplies purchased will be delivered to the schools next week, just in time for the first day of class.

A few of the derby girls will actually help pass out the supplies next week.

The Roller Derby Roughnecks won the game 94-92.

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