Sapulpa man comes home to find car windows busted

Patrick Chichura comes home and finds his 89 Jeep with busted windows (KTUL).

A senseless vandalism leaves one Sapulpa man with a big bill. Now he's demanding answers after his car was targeted.

Patrick Chichura owns a 1989 Jeep, which for him is a rare find.

“I put a new ignition and everything in it just so it can move," said Chichura.

It’s a little shabby and he planned to put some work into it, but that price tag just got a whole lot bigger.

“I was in shock," said Chichura. "I get really pissed when I look at it over and over again.”

Friday afternoon, he left his neighborhood in Sapulpa off of Highway 33 for not even an hour. When he came back, he found his car covered in glass with a busted passenger window, cracks on his windshield and a back window almost shattered, just barely held together with some tape.

“The vandalism is uncalled for," said Chichura. " I’m looking at $600 just in windows now.”

None of his other neighbors had their cars vandalized, but he wants to warn the whole neighborhood to be on the look out.

He’s working with police to find whoever did this, but until then it’s repair and replace for this old Jeep.

“Whoever did this, I hope they get caught and this is the last vehicle they ever do this to," said Chichura.

In the few days since he found his car, he has set up security cameras all around his home.

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