State lawmaker: I don't believe TPS will have to cut $12 million

State Representative Glen Mulready says he doesn't believe TPS will face a $12 million budget cut. (Clemmer/KTUL)

The setting was different at Clinton Middle School, but much of the sentiment was the same.

"I feel like they're selling us short," said one parent.

"You add all these schools together, classes are going to be huge," said another.

Parents, expressing frustration for consolidation plans based on projections of a $12 million budget cut, which is all but certain, right?

"No, I don't believe you will see that kind of cut at all," said State Representative Glen Mulready, not convinced that the sky is about to fall on TPS' budget.

"That's based on what I believe is a worst case scenario, that's a 6 percent cut. I can tell you there is no conversation of anything to that degree at the Capitol," he said.

"Well that would be an amazing opportunity for us to not have that happen," said TPS Superintendent Dr. Deborah Gist, expressing optimistic skepticism, pointing to last year's mantra from the Capitol that funding would remain flat.

"Is flat funding really flat funding or is flat funding last year's definition of flat funding which was an $11 million cut to Tulsa public schools?" she said.

"Yeah, I think that scenario, the $12 million cut, is a worst case scenario that I don't believe will happen," said Rep. Mulready.

"Many of our friends at the state capitol will also tell you, and we heard it tonight, that we were flat funded last year. We were not flat funded last year," said Dr. Gist.

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