Stillwater shooting victim's brother: My sister is lucky to be alive

Around 9 p.m. Saturday, Brady Mullins left his sister's house off West 3rd Street in Stillwater. He said his sister, Kaylee, was there getting ready to hang out with an old friend.

But not long after 10 p.m., Mullins said he heard his sister and two other people had been shot. He raced back, only to be stopped short by police.

"I wasn't allowed to go anywhere near the house because of the crime scene," Mullins said.

Mullins said some sort of altercation had broken out between Chris Peck, who was hanging out with Kaylee and another friend, and a fourth person who showed up at the house after Mullins left. A gun was pulled, and the bullets started flying.

"She was shot twice in the head, once on the cheek, once on the side of the head," Mullins said. "And then once in the shoulder."

Somehow, none of those shots were fatal.

"She's very lucky to be alive," Mullins said.

Peck died at the hospital. Mullins said Kaylee's roommate was also shot, but her injuries were also non-life threatening.

Mullins said he was the one who broke the news about the shooting to Peck's only brother.

"All he really has is his brother, Shane," Mullins said. "And it's a tough night for him."

Mullins said his sister was released from the hospital Sunday afternoon. So far, no word on any suspects.

Gofundme accounts have been set up for both Kaylee and Chris.

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