Stormwater system repairs extend south Tulsa street rehab project


TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A Tulsa street rehabilitation project hit a roadblock when a contractor discovered serious issues during excavation, and it will affect traffic near Jenks Middle School.

For months, crews have been working to rebuild 101st Street between Yale and Florence and adding turn lanes and sidewalks. The project also includes work on sanitary sewers and storm sewers under 101st, but during excavation between Louisville and Florence the contractor found additional problems.

According to the city, the sanitary sewer line is sagging due to inadequate support from its trench 30 feet below the surface. The existing storm sewer was built on top of an older storm sewer. Cracks formed in the stormwater system and water is leading into the surrounding soil, which could eventually undermine the road.

Necessary repairs to the stormwater system are outside the scope of the original project, according to the city, and there wasn't enough time to complete repairs before the start of school, which means a separate project must be done later.

Since May, the road between Louisville and Florence has been closed. One lane of westbound traffic will open Aug. 18 in time for the start of school. The rest of the project area will remain open to two-way traffic until the end of September when one-way westbound traffic will extend from Richmond to Florence. Then from January 2018 until the project's completion in March 2018, traffic will be limited to one westbound lane between Urbana and Florence.

The city is scheduling the stormwater system project for after the school year ends in May 2018 at which time 101st Street between Louisville and Florence will close again for the summer.

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