Support for Shelby from wife of Robert Bates

Gathering of support for Officer Betty Shelby. (Mummolo/KTUL)

The last time an officer involved shooting in Tulsa received the full crush of the national media spotlight was with a reserve sheriff's deputy named Robert Bates.

"I know what, what the family is going through," said Charlotte Bates, wife of Robert Bates. On Tuesday she attended a gathering to show support for Officer Betty Shelby.

"I can tell you when I heard about Betty and I saw on TV, I re-lived everything. I mean it is all just coming back to me," she said.

Including the sudden onslaught of a 24-hour news cycle clamoring to talk to you.

"It's just surreal, you just can't even believe its happening, it's like you're watching a movie," she said.

With the frenzy surrounding the Shelby case as intense as the one her husband experienced, she's concerned about the fairness of the court system.

"To be tried in the media beforehand is wrong and what it does is it taints a jury," she said.

As to how her husband is doing?

"Well, it's very difficult, and I didn't want this to be about Bob but it's a similar, very similar situation. It is extremely difficult," she said.

A feeling of deja vu, with a prediction that whatever a jury eventually decides, a loss is in the cards.

"Not only did we lose a life, but Betty has lost her life, her family has lost their lives, and I can tell you that for a fact," she said.

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