Testimony continues in fourth day of Betty Shelby's manslaughter trial

Betty Shelby leaves the courtroom on day three of her manslaughter trial, the first day of testimony. (KTUL)

The fourth day of Betty Shelby's trial for first-degree manslaughter is expected, to begin with more testimony Thursday morning.

After a panel of 12 jurors was nailed down Wednesday, the jury heard from six witnesses, including the second officer on the scene the night Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher. The officer, Tyler Turnbough, said Shelby was visibly shaken after the shooting.

Prosecutors, who are arguing that Shelby overreacted when she shot Crutcher, showed the jury police dash cam and helicopter video of the shooting.

Check back here for updates on testimony throughout the day.

10:35 a.m.

The courtroom is packed once again Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Crutcher are in the courtroom with their attorney and pastor, listening to what happened in the final moments of their son's life.

The first witness on the stand Thursday was officer Dan Embry, who said he arrived on scene and saw Crutcher lying on the ground. Embry said he was one of the officers who rendered aid to Crutcher.

Embry said he heard Shelby crying after the shooting and that she said "Why did he make me do it?"

Another witness, Cpl. Wyett Poth, said he told Shelby not to say a word to protect her rights. He told the court that he knew people would be upset about the shooting because Crutcher was black.

12:32 p.m.

Dozens of crime scene pictures were presented in court Thursday, including those that showed the window of Crutcher’s truck halfway down. Other photos showed the vial of PCP. The jury and spectators also saw Crutcher’s school books in the front and back seats.

The bullet removed from his chest was also presented as evidence.

Scott Osborn, a detective with major crimes, testified that when he arrived on scene he took photos that showed khaki pants on the ground with a taser barb in them. He also says the windows of the truck were down when he arrived and that he heard music playing from Crutcher’s vehicle. He took the photo of the vial of PCP. The defense had no questions for him.

Detective Michelle Birdgess testified about evidence collected on scene and Detective Angela Bax testified she ordered the tow truck to do a “no touch” removal of the truck and sent two patrol officers to make sure.

Corporal Terrence Joseph Cambpell says he process the bullet from Crutcher’s chest as evidence. He also went to the storage room to take additional pictures of the truck door after questions were raised about the window being up or down.

The defense only questioned if the truck was considered a weapon and pointed out that Crutcher had a screwdriver in the vehicle, which could have been considered a weapon.

4:45 p.m.

Also testifying in court today were two instructors from Tulsa Community College, which Crutcher attended. They may have been the last people to see him alive.

They say he had been lost in the halls, searching for his class. They say he sat down, typed in his username and password, and logged onto the system, with no problems.

Michelle Ogan and Sharolyn Wallace both say nothing seemed wrong, but that Crutcher was frustrated he had purchased a book for the class that had been canceled.

Shelby’s attorney asked Ogan if it would surprise her to know that 30 minutes later, there were two 9-1-1 calls about Crutcher. Ogan says she told Crutcher to make lemonade out of the disappointment and enjoy his Friday nights off. She said he replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

Also testifying in court today was Dr. Andrea Weins. She is the doctor who performed Terence Crutcher’s autopsy.

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