Threats of school violence raise alarm

Both incidents raise the critical dilemma of trying to determine if the threats are genuine (KTUL).

The beginning of the school year is barely underway, but along with it an indicator of the sad reality of the times we live in.

"It's scary for your own kids to go to school knowing that something like that could happen," said Locust Grove parent Allen Hubbard.

Talk of a school shooting at Locust Grove in which authorities say three 15 year old kids are currently under investigation after posts on Facebook which read, "Watch out for bullets and referencing Columbine."

"I tell my kids if they see something like that, something's going on, to try to get away from it as fast as they can," Hubbard said.

And then, right on the heels of that...

"Here we go again, less than 24 hours later, there's another incident on a neighboring county," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Déjà vu over at the Sequoyah School system.

"Yesterday afternoon we were notified by the principals of Sequoyah Schools that they had discovered a plot for school shooting," Walton said.

This time, three 8th graders in the hot seat for talking about shooting up the school.

"One of the young students was angry because he had received detention," said Walton.

Both incidents raise the critical dilemma of trying to determine if the threats are genuine.

"We got to take into consideration that these boys are 14 years old, sometimes there's difficulty deciding what's fact and fiction, and that can be very, very scary," Walton said.

Reading, writing and threat assessment, the new basics of education.

"I think like the principal or somebody should be able to carry a gun, have a gun there just in case something like that did happen. I think it could save lives," said Hubbard.

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