Tornado victims brace for predicted torrential weekend rain

This home near 41st and Yale is unlivable. Thanks to Sunday's storm. (KTUL)

Dozens of people are scrambling tonight to repair roofs and homes damaged in Sunday’s tornado, but with more weather on the way this weekend, how much good will their hard work do?

The sounds of cleanup and confusion fill Nancy Classen's ears.

“We used to say in the old Tulsa,” she says with a sad smile. “That we didn't get tornados. Of course, that was wrong.”

Her home near 41st and Yale is unlivable. Thanks to Sunday's storm.

“I made it to the front door,” she says. “And I was just hoping someone was going to come get me because I thought the house was going to collapse.”

“I heard this bomb-like noise on my roof,” she remembers. “A hole doesn't describe it. They were like doors in the ceiling. Doors to the outside.”

Those doors are now closed, kind of. Blue tarps cover the 28 separate holes in her roof.

“It was raining in the living room,” Classen says. “Just rain coming down in the entire living room. There was water everywhere. I was walking in like an inch of water.”

“[We’ve been] very busy,” says Coleton McDonald with 918 Construction. “It's been nonstop. I hit 50 hours yesterday about 6:00 p.m.”

But as the sky darkens for another storm, ‘worry’ is the word of the day.

“Tearing out from the previous storm on Sunday,” McDonald explains. “We're going to be able to break that curve a little bit. But it's still going to be tough. We're going to be right back at square one trying to get it dry again.”

“It might total the house,” Classen says. “I love the house.”

The burden isn't merely financial. People pour their souls into their home.

“This affects peoples' lives,” McDonald says. “This homeowner, in particular, isn't able to be here right now because we've got the entire house tore apart.”

“It's my home,” Classen says of the house she’s lived in for 11 years. “I've grown the plants and trimmed the yard. It's my home.”

And Classen can only wait and hope those blue tarps hold.

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