TU soccer player arrested, accused of sexually assaulting another student

Lesley Nchanji was arrested and charged with first-degree rape and two counts of forcible sodomy, according to court records. (Tulsa County Jail)

A University of Tulsa soccer star is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting an intoxicated coed after a birthday party.

He came from Camaroon with dreams of soccer greatness. Now, he finds himself tonight under a $200,000 bond.

“The next thing she really remembers,” explains Sex Crimes, Sargent Jillian Phippen. “Is waking up the next morning.”

‘She’ is a 19-year-old freshman, also a student athlete, who was just going to a birthday party. A Tulsa Police affidavit says she admits to having too many drinks. Police believe she found herself the victim of sexual assault.

“She exited that apartment fairly quickly,” Phippen says. “And was trying to gather from friends, from people that were at the party actually what happened.”

Witnesses told police the victim did have too much to drink at a party on June 1010. Junior midfielder Lesley Nchanji told police he tried to walk her home, but she didn’t know what unit she lived in and didn’t have a key. She woke up in Nchanji’s apartment half naked, with a sense of dread.

“Victims typically wake up knowing their bodies,” Phippen says. “They know something happened to them, they just don’t know what. He did admit that, yes, she was very highly intoxicated. He basically told us that it was a consensual sexual act. But, however, with her intoxication level that was not the case.”

Investigators confirmed witness stories. Nchanji was arrested. Then investigators had to break the news to the victim.

“It’s very foggy [for a victim, in cases like these], you may have injuries,” Phippen says. “And so all of that combined is very scary and very troublesome to know that this occurs on a college campus, much less anywhere else.”

Nchanji is facing one count of first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sodomy.

TU released a statement Tuesday, saying Nchanji was dismissed from the soccer team and banned from campus while the incident is under investigation.

The University of Tulsa is investigating a report of a student who was sexually assaulted by another student earlier this month. TU’s Office of Student Affairs is reviewing the case in accordance with the student code of conduct. The alleged assailant was a TU student-athlete at the time of the incident and was arrested by Tulsa Police. He has been dismissed from the soccer team and is banned from campus pending the outcome of the university investigation.
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