Tulsa festivals prepare for weekend storms

Vendors set up tents for Mayfest 2017 near 3rd and Main Street, in this picture taken May 17, 2017./KTUL

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - The weekend will be jam packed full of festivals. This includes the 45th annual Mayfest, the Blue Dome Arts Festival and Hops Jam. Event directors said they’re monitoring weather closely because potential storms may cause the events to get rained out.

“We’ve got an emergency plan that we review every year. Unfortunately we’re pretty good at emergency shut downs because we’ve had such bad weather before,” said Heather Pingry, executive director of Mayfest.

Mayfest vendors set up tents during the gusty day.

“This might be the windiest set up day we’ve ever had,” said Pingry, hoping wind is the only weather pattern that will blow through the festival for the weekend.

Jo Armstrong, director at the Blue Dome District map out the layout for their arts festival and review weather plans.

“We’re doing everything on our end to make sure that we’re safe and smart about the way things happen and we’re hoping that the strong forecast will kind of blow over,” said Armstrong.

She mentioned Blue Dome will have someone monitoring severe weather threats.

“He’s really good at letting us know in advance kind of where we are and what’s coming so that we can make smart plans which we have in place,” said Armstrong.

Mayfest now has an app where visitors can find out what’s going on for the weekend. If the weather becomes severe directors will be sending out alerts and will post updates on social media pages.

“We send out alerts right away if we are closing so if you’re wondering if Mayfest is open or closed if it’s raining you can always check those,” said Pingry. “We’ve got several people that are monitoring that so we know kind of when it’s coming what’s going to happen.”

Pingry mentioned they have plans in place that can shut down the whole site within 15 minutes.

Visitors are welcome to bring their umbrellas during the festivals. The weather should dry up by Sunday in time for Hops Jam downtown.

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