Tulsa gas prices affected by Hurricane Harvey

The deadly storm down south is causing an average 12 cent a gallon surge at pumps nationwide (KTUL).

Gas prices have been looking pretty good lately, on average $2.10 at the pump and prices staying within a penny of the previous day.

“They are holding very steady right now in Oklahoma," said AAA Oklahoma spokesman Mark Madeja. "All the way across, in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.”

But that could all change for us soon.

The deadly storm down south is causing an average 12 cent a gallon surge at pumps nationwide.

Refineries in Corpus Christi are already shutting down – sending wholesale gas prices up.

Worse, there’s more rain expected to hit the Houston area, where there are more refineries .

“Houston is obviously the infrastructure of oil, " said Madeja. "So, whatever happens in Houston and in the Gulf will affect us. We could see a bump, we could see it sustain for a little while.”

Some analysts are already predicting an increase of about 10-20 cents, enough to put a dent in your wallet.

But Madeja just doesn’t see that for the Tulsa area.

“I think that’s way too soon to tell,” he said.

Madeja says it all depends on how long these refineries stay shut down – something we all need to watch out for.

“If they take a while to come back online, if this storm indeed turns for the worse, that’s being anticipated, that could affect prices,” he said.

We might not actually see the full fuel impact from this hurricane until next week, which of course brings us to a very busy gas guzzling time, Labor Day weekend.

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