Tulsa Ghostbuster's Ecto-4 badly damaged after being stolen

Ecto 4 was found on its side at the edge of a cliff (Photo: Eric Downs)

You've probably seen Eric Downs and his motorcycle, codenamed Ecto 4, alongside the more familiar Ectomobile with the Oklahoma Ghostbusters at events like the 80s prom, and countless other community and charity events in Green Country.

Today, Ecto 4 is bearing some scars.

"The ignition is completely destroyed, so there's no getting a key in there for nothing," said Downs.

It's also missing a pedal, and the fairings have taken a beating.

Downs had the motorcycle for three years, converting his regular old motorcycle into something he thought would be temporary. But Ecto 4 became popular, and he had been taking it to events in the community with the other Oklahoma Ghostbusters.

"I hang out with the guys, and they'll do bigger events for various charities or for various scenarios. For example, we did a thing with kids with Downs Syndrome one time," said Downs.

Last August, Ecto 4 stopped going to events because Eric could no longer ride.

"I had a stroke, shocking for my age and such," he said. "For a long period of time I was unable to ride it because of the stroke, so finally I'm able to ride it again."

But just as he can start taking it out on the road and to events again, on Sunday, the bike went missing. The community came together, asking people on Facebook to keep an eye out for Ecto 4.

The next day, someone is walking their dog along a path, not 500 feet from where the bike was being kept, and they found a motorcycle resting right up against this rock. They figured it was probably Eric's.

"Surely enough, it was a Ghostbusters themed motorcycle, how many of them are there?" he said.

The only one that we know of in Tulsa, but that number could soon be zero. Eric says the damage to the bike could result in it being totaled, but he says that won't stop him from attending events with his Ghostbusters friends and their Ectomobiles.

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