Tulsa Public Schools losing custodians but hiring other positions

Tulsa Public Schools held a job fair, hoping to hire support workers that keep schools going. (KTUL)

Tulsa Public Schools held a job fair Tuesday hoping to hire support workers that keep schools going.

“We have child nutrition openings," said Kit Hines, of Tulsa Public Schools. "We have transportation openings. We have plant operations openings, which include custodians and maintenance positions.”

When it comes to maintenance positions—the district lost 40 jobs—cutting them because of the budget.

Now some schools are losing one or two custodians.

Patrick Kirunda supervises work in some schools.

“One thing I can assure you is our custodians are going to try to adjust and be able to pick up the slack,” he said.

But Kirunda also says the district has adjusted schedules to cover for the missing positions and to make sure the work is done, even with fewer staff members.

“With us having a reduced staff, it means that everybody else is going to have to pick up the ball and run with it," said Ed McIntosh with the AFT Support Union. "And our teachers are right on the front line as we are, in trying to keep the buildings clean.”

Tulsa Public Schools says the 40 positions were taken from positions that had been vacated.

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