Tulsans headed south to help with Hurricane Harvey clean up

Hurricane Harvey is far from over, but there is no shortage of helping hands (KTUL).

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Some Tulsans are hoping to help move the clean up process in Texas a little quicker.

Businesses in Tulsa are picking up here, to help pick up there.

Repairing roofs, throwing away broken pieces, all part of the process Paul Nosak and his team use when cleaning up the damage left behind by storms.

"We will take everything from chainsaws to cutting torches and everything in between," Nosak said. "We will take a supply truck with our welders, our generator in it."

He owns Nosak Improvements.

Nosak has responded to 24 different storms in the last 16 years, Hurricane Harvey will be his 25th.

He specializes in removing and cutting down trees as well as construction on homes.

"I've taken cars out of houses, I've cut down trees in people's bathrooms," Nosak said.

Nosak wants to give people who may have lost everything someone they can trust.

"It was the desire that people got an honest contractor, that they were treated fairly, on both sides of the coin," Nosak said.

Nosak's philosophy is to help everywhere he can.

A similar philosophy to owner of PuroClean in Broken Arrow, James Hoover.

"I've been to Katrina, Ike, flooding on the east coast, Boston," Hoover said. "Just to help people in times of need like this. Nobody ever plans on disasters like this."

Hoover and his crew made it to Houston yesterday.

They are just waiting for the calls to start rolling in.

"We do emergency services, mitigation, get the houses to where they can be dried and rebuilt," Hoover said.

Hurricane Harvey is far from over, but there is no shortage of helping hands.

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