Tulsans ready to help in wake of Irma

Donations for T-Town's mission may be dropped off at their office at 5770 E. Skelly Drive in Tulsa (KTUL).

The emergency that Tulsa firefighters were responding to this afternoon was just a short drive away from their station; much shorter than the drive to Florida.

"We got the call yesterday, said to get your lists ready of what we can supply and who we're going to send," said TFD public information officer Stan May.

Over a dozen TFD firefighters went down to help out after Harvey, and should they be needed, another team of firefighters will be ready for the aftermath of Irma.

"It's free training for us. I mean we're going down there and we're actually doing the rescues and we're doing the work but FEMA is paying the bill for that so Tulsa's not out any money," he said.

Also ready to help out in the wake of Irma…

"We need bottled water, we need non-perishable food goods , blankets, trash bags, cleaning supplies," said Ricky Hanks of T-Town Roofing, looking to fill at least one semi-truck full of supplies to take to the sunshine state. Why?

"Me and my family we spend a lot of time in Miami, and it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet to me and they say it's never going to be the same. I've got a lot of friends and attachments and people I'm connected to in Miami so my heart just really wanted to make it better," he said.

Meanwhile, helping out in the aftermath of Harvey…

"We've got about 30 dogs here, we've got 70 in Broken Arrow," said Jan Sullivan of the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, getting a bevy of pooches ready for a major road trip.

"To St. Louis, Illinois, to other rescues who have, are helping us get them homes, permanents homes, foster homes for the time being," she said.

Disaster relief, in a multitude of ways, from T-town to wherever the need may be.

"We really just want to be a blessing and make this as big as possible," said Krystal Hanks of T-Town Roofing.

Donations for T-Town's mission may be dropped off at their office at 5770 E. Skelly Drive in Tulsa.

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