2-year-old Oklahoma boy in fight of his life after near-drowning

A little boy from Jay, OK, is fighting for his life and you may be able to help him win. (KTUL)

A little boy from Jay, Okla. is fighting for his life and you may be able to help him win.

Two-year-old Kasen Sparks nearly drowned July 22. His heart stopped for more than half an hour.

Now, his mother is looking into an experimental treatment to get him back to the fun-loving toddler he was.

Every centimeter Kasen moves is a little gift for his mother, Deidrah.

“I rushed home,” said Deidrah. “And right as I got out of my car, the ambulance was driving away with him. They put us in a trauma room and they resuscitated him. Total CPR time was 40 minutes.”

Doctors said two of the scariest words they could to a mother and nursing student.

“I don’t know if that’s a benefit or if it makes it worse," she said of her future career.

They were talking about brain death. But now, there’s a ray of hope.

“My grandfather had found the treatment online about Eden Carlson,” said Deidrah.

Carlson’s case was another near-drowning. It was another child with brain damage, but she recovered thanks to an experimental hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

“I will do anything in my power to make that happen for my son, too," said Deidrah.

But it’s a long and expensive road for the chance of recovery.

“We’ll spend two months in New Orleans,” said Deidrah. “Just all the little minor details of getting there are really overwhelming. Transportation and housing and in-home care or rehab.”

Word leaked on Reddit, a popular social media site. Kasen’s uncle is a soccer fan, namely Liverpool FC. And people all over the world started pouring in donations.

“Just off the top of my head, Indonesia, Austria, the UK," said Deidrah. "Nobody knew us personally. And for them to donate what they could for us to get to the hyperbaric treatment is just amazing.”

And knowing the entire soccer world is reciting Liverpool’s motto, "You'll never walk alone."

Diedrah Sparks wants to extend a special thank you to her friends and family in Jay.

There are several ways you can help the Sparks family. They’re selling T-shirts and bracelets.

There's also a page where you can donate.

Friends of the Sparks family are also holding a hog fry and pie auction Sept. 1.

PJ’s BBQ will donate a portion of its sales at Jay Cruise Night Aug. 12.

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