Vietnam hero welcomed home after 51 years MIA

The welcome home wasn't about what they lost, but the legacy he left behind (KTUL).

CLAREMORE, Okla. (KTUL) -- It was a homecoming years in the making.

A family finally got answers after losing their loved one in the Vietnam War, and he was given a welcome home he truly deserved.

Claremore residents lined the road to welcome Colonel Martin Scott home.

As the processional made their way down Patti Page Boulevard in Claremore, it was as if the last half century never happened.

Fifty-one years of wondering what happened to Scott, a Vietnam hero shot down in his place over Vietnam in 1966.

Most of the people welcoming Scott home, didn't even know him.

"I just want to be there to honor him," Cheryl Raines said.

"If I can take this time to honor this soldier that is being brought home after 50 years, in my way I am saying forgive us as a country for how disrespectful we were when we came back the first time," Mernell Bell said.

Motorcyclists with the Patriot Guard followed behind the processional.

One of those motorcyclists is Scott's nephew, veteran Donald Daniels.

"This was my first ride and this was to honor my uncle," he said.

Daniels was 16 years old when he heard the tragic news about his uncle.

"They came to the school and my mom and the principal got us out of school and told us about it," he said.

Today, Scott's remains were brought to Claremore, the same place his wife and son were also laid to rest.

The 51-year-old mystery, now solved.

"It will be closure for a lot, but he will always be here," Daniels said.

The welcome home wasn't about what they lost, but the legacy he left behind.

"He always wanted to serve, that was just the way he was," Daniels said. "He was a good man, excellent father, just a happy-go-lucky guy, really nice guy,"

Claremore is where his story finally comes to an end.

A hero's welcome from the country he died for.

The funeral for Scott is on Friday at 2 p.m.

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