Will Rogers and Wiley Post Annual Fly In ready for takeoff on Saturday morning

Will Rogers and Wiley Post look-alikes will be in attendance along with hundreds of others to see the planes land at Will Rogers' birthplace (Photo: Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch/KTUL)

This weekend, the skies over Will Rogers's birthplace near Oologah will be crowded with planes. It's been 82-years since Rogers and pilot Wiley Post crashed in Alaska, killing them both. But those eight decades have not faded the love and admiration for Will Rogers, which will be on full display at this weekend's annual fly in.

Will Rogers' Birthplace is a place you should go in general. Even more so when it's the weekend of the fly-in, a way to remember the Oklahoma legend.

"He was sought by every king and queen, the President of the United States. He traveled the world. Everybody liked him. He was just a good person and everyone wanted to be around him," said Jennifer Rogers-Etcheverry, Will's great-granddaughter.

The fly-in brings around 150 planes to the field right outside the family homestead, along with antique cars, motorcycles, food, storytelling, and much more. Oh and Will Rogers makes an appearance too. At least an uncanny lookalike does anyway.

"When it first started, I was leery about how could someone from southeast Missouri come out here to Oklahoma and portray the most famous person out here," said Lester Lurk, who portrays Rogers. "I thought maybe there would resent it a little bit. That has not been the case at all, they have welcomed me with open arms."

It's an event that pulls people from several surrounding states, definitely not something to miss out on.

"It's very authentic and very homespun is I guess how it is. There's very few places like this and the view is just breathtaking."

The fly-in starts at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday at the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch.

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