Tahlequah woman’s passion for cooking lands her on the Harry Connick Jr. show

Woman’s passion for cooking lands her on the Harry Connick Jr. show (KTUL)

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. (KTUL) – One Green Country woman not only got the chance to meet Harry Connick Jr. but also cook for him on his show, Harry.

The episode aired on Tulsa’s Channel 8 Thursday at 2 p.m.

Lynnette Wininger Butler said she is a big fan of the show and got on it by winning a Facebook contest.

“They called me and wanted to know if I got a chance to cook for Harry what would I cook for him,” she said.

She had less than a minute to answer so she decided on an Oklahoma classic.

She said, “I started off with, ‘Hi Y'all! I’m Lynnette from Oklahoma. I’m a teacher and if I got a chance to cook with Harry I would fry him up some bacon and use those bacon drippings to make him some gravy and then make him some homemade biscuits.’”

The network taped the show March 9 and flew Butler and her fiancé, Rick Thompson, to New York City.

Thompson said it was a whirlwind and he’s proud of Butler.

“As she was standing there trying to get ready and to know the lines and what he was going to ask her a hair stylist comes up and a makeup artist comes up,” he said. “They are fixing her all up. The lady is talking to her. It all happened all at once. I’m thinking oh my gosh this is fast and furious.”

Back at home, Butler calls herself the Country Cooking Cowgirl. She cans fruits and veggies and makes her own jams.

Her passion to cook began long before the show, starting with her mom and grandma.

“It’s not just the ingredients,” she said. “It’s not just the food. What my mom and grandma tried to pass down to me was love. It’s how we show people we appreciate them.”

Their old mixing bowls, recipes and memories still surround her in the kitchen today.

“It kind of feels like a comfort that they are here,” she said. “A part of me, I’m still cooking and doing all of those things that I did as a little girl and I’m hoping to pass that on to my daughters and it just keeps going and going, the love of cooking and cooking for other people.”

Butler is currently working on her own cookbook and hopes to start selling her jams and canned fruits and veggies soon.

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