'World Day of Prayer' gives Guthrie Green lunch crowd a chance to unite

People showing up for food truck Wednesday received a treat to some music. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla., (KTUL) -- Several folks gathered Wednesday in downtown Tulsa for the World Day of Prayer.

People who showed up to Guthrie Green for Food Truck Wednesday were treated to music, but today it was special.

The event was put on by folks with the Unity Center of Tulsa in response to violence nationwide along with the recent hurricanes.

The storms have impacted Brittanie McCoy personally.

“I used to live in Houston, and I have family in Houston so it’s just been heartbreaking," said McCoy.

She was out spending time with her 1-year-old daughter Tenley.

But she says she felt right at home with the music and prayer.

“It’s just a great place in Tulsa to just get away from the noise, and reflect and pray," said McCoy.

Reverend Dr. Rick Belous ministers at Unity Center of Tulsa.

He helped get the event together to give everyone a much needed break.

“Just prayers and peace and try to spread some good vibes," said Belous.

The reverend was partnering with churches nationwide for the event, which attracted strangers walking by to grab food.

“We thought it would be great in our neck of the woods to come out to Guthrie Green and do it.

But his biggest message was to show how Tulsa is continuing to unify.

He says Tulsa didn’t jump to violence like other cities following officer-involved shootings.

“In Tulsa we handle things a little differently, we do it with love and we do it out of faith," said Belous.

Faith that McCoy says has helped her family move forward, all of them safe and sound and rebuilding down south.

The Unity Center of Tulsa is open all day Wednesday for prayer and is holding a concert tomorrow night at 7.

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