Disabled war veteran reunited with lost dog after two years

Vietnam War veteran John Adams and his dog, Rocky Joe, were reunited two years after someone took Rocky Joe from Adams' yard. (WSYX/WTTE)

It's a reunion two years in the making.

John Adams waited anxiously Thursday afternoon for the return of the miniature Doberman Pinscher he fondly refers to as his son.

"Rocky Joe" was stolen from the Vietnam War veteran's yard in 2015.

"They came and took him, chain and all, " said Adams.

So, for nearly two years, Adam's said he looked everywhere for the little guy who had his heart, holding out for a miracle.

"I'd been praying to God all of the time about my boy, I'd like to get him back, " he said.

His prayers were answered when Robin Gibson with Wild Angels Canine Rescue out of Marietta called him. She had rescued the dog from a kill shelter.

"He had been in the shelter since August and was on the list to be euthanized," Gibson said.

So, Gibson took him. And decided to check to see if Rocky Joe had a microchip. Surprisingly, he did.

"I tracked down his owner and had to reunite Rocky Joe with John, " she said.

Now, Rocky Joe and John are together once again.

The reunion - emotional for John who was nearly in tears.

"I'm very, very happy," he said. "I never thought I would get him back. Thank you you lord, that someone found him with the chip in him before they did kill him."

The two say their reunion is a lesson for all pet owners.

"I keep stressing 'Please microchip.' because it does help get them home, " said Gibson.

And Rocky Joe and John are a great example.

"I must be doing something right. God answered my prayers and brought my son home to me, " said John Adams.

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