Golden Hurricane Open Fall Camp

The University of Tulsa opened fall camp Thursday morning at Harwell Field on the TU Campus.{} Bill Blankenship begins his second year as the head coach of the Golden Hurricane with 73 veterans and 32 newcomers.

Coach says he'll spent the first 10 practices of the fall trying to figure out who is ready to play and who is not.He says his new starting quarterback Cody Green is one of the ones ready to play.{} Blankenship says he just gets it and is even trying to help teach some of the younger guys.{} That shows some good leadership at the quarterback position.

Here are some quotes provided by the University of Tulsa Media Relations Department.

"I was really pleased. Early in the morning if you look at the thermometer, it's still really hot, but I think our guys felt like it was a little balmy today. It was nice, we didn't have pads on, and they bounced around really well," said Blankenship.{}"It was a first practice. I say that in the terms that effort and attitude were really good, but execution was not very good. But it's what I expected it to be. In the things that they can control, I thought they did very, very well," said Blankenship. "We have a lot of corrections. Like I said, execution has to improve. But effort was good, attitude was good, and I thought we learned a lot today."{}"It's Day One. Of our 105 guys, I think there are probably 20 or 30 that have not been here all summer. They don't even know where to line up and stretch," added Blankenship. "We don't get to be with our players until today on the field. So, now they're learning how to do it."{}Blankenship was excited about the leadership on this team as players were leading players on the field.{}"It's what we're trying to do. The greatest programs I've ever been a part of, are when players lead players. That's part of our job, is to empower those guys. I think we have a great group of leaders," said Blankenship.