The Cowboys are Equipped

105 Oklahoma State players reported for fall camp in Stillwater Thursday.{} Friday morning Mike Gundy's Cowboys will begin workouts.

But before the Pokes can hit the practice fields, countless hours of preparations have been made to ensure their success. Obviously the coaching staff has got their game plan, But so does the equipment staff.{} They have the taunting task of outfitting the an entire team.

The efforts of 12 student managers and three paid staff members are invaluable to keep the Cowboys organized and working at max efficiency. The apparel is just the tip of the iceberg.{} They are also responsible for getting all the footballs, blocking dummies and stationary bikes ready for every practice.{} Whatever the team needs, the equipment staff is there to provide it.Plus 105 stinky jocks, socks, shirts and pants doesn't get clean on it's own.{} Wes Edwards' staff is responsible for the laundry as well.{} It's a mountainous job on it's own. This is like a team within a team and they do a great job.

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