An area football coach's charitable clothing line showing growth

Memorial High School head football coach Ryan Reed explains team drills during a spring football practice on May 16th, 2017. (KTUL)

"Being the head coach here, my main job is to take stuff that's broken and make it run more efficient," explained Memorial High School head football coach Ryan Reed. "My idea; I see it immediately go into action. And in the business world, it'd be like if I said, 'I know you've been reporting the news but I need you to teach tomorrow.'"

Needless to say, coaching high school football is very different from running a startup clothing line. But it has been for a good cause; one noble enough to where Reed sold his truck in 2014 to raise the capital to launch the clothing line.

"Gracious Tree, if you buy a fleece jacket, we give one to a kid in need," Reed said. "We've given away more than 500 coats locally. And we're starting to branch out in other places like Austin, Texas, Colorado, Venice Beach, California, and Boston."

When asked what Reed would do differently if he started Gracious Tree over again, "Dude there's been so many mistakes I've made," Reed replied. "I thought I had to get a bunch of different jackets in a bunch of different colors to please everybody. But our customers, who are so generous and so loyal, I feel like they buy these jackets out kindness. You can't make everyone happy. Product inventory narrowed; I'd probably say that would've been best."

Reed also admits he doesn't know what the future holds for his company. But as long as they keep moving the chains, gracious tree is sure to find paydirt.

"In football, if we're always do what's best for our kids, we're going to be successful," said Reed. "And I feel like with Gracious Tree, as long as we're doing what's best for our customers and for our people who get their jackets, the giveaway jackets, I feel like we're always going to be alright, man."

Click here to visit the Gracious Tree's official website.

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